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2022 DateMarch 27, 2022
2023 DateMarch 27, 2023
World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day History

World Theatre Day seeks to raise awareness about the value and importance of theatre. This day aims to promote theater as an art form. It encourages those involved in theater to share the joy of the art with others. It also encourages governments and leaders to appreciate the value of theater and offer their support for it.

World Theatre Day was established in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute. It is celebrated annually on March 27th.

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World Theatre Day Facts

  • The message author for World Theatre Day in 2021 was Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren is an actress whose international career has spanned the stage and the screen. She has won many awards including the 2007 Academy Award for her performance in The Queen.
  • According to the International Theatre Institute, World Theatre Day has five goals:
    1) To promote theatre in all its forms across the world.
    2) To make people aware of the value of theatre in all its forms.
    3) To enable theatre communities to promote their work on a broad scale so that governments and opinion leaders are aware of the value and importance of dance in all its forms and support it.
    4) To enjoy theatre in all its forms for its own sake.
    5) To share the joy for theatre with others.
  • The oldest theatre in the world is the Teatro Olimpico (Olympic Theater) in Vicenza, Italy. It is the world's first indoor theatre. It was designed by the architect André Palladio and built between 1580 and 1585.

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