Lesbian Visibility Day

Lesbian Visibility Day Quick Facts - US

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2021 DateApril 26, 2021
2022 DateApril 26, 2022
Lesbian Visibility Day

Lesbian Visibility Day History

Lesbian Visibility Day seeks to acknowledge and celebrate lesbians. This day aims to raise awareness about the stereotypes, judgements, and lack of representation that lesbians face. It hopes to encourage closet-lesbians to come out and be their authentic selves within a community that empowers them. This day also promotes acceptance of other LGBTQI groups as well as those of marginalized ethnicities or nationalities. It aims to create a safe and accepting community for all.

Lesbian Visibility Day was established in 2008 as a way for lesbians to be empowered and celebrated. It is observed annually on April 26th.

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Lesbian Visibility Day Facts & Quotes

  • We don’t get to see anybody like us when we grow up. For me, the first thing a movement tells me is that you are not alone. Sappho For Equality, India

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