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National Sugar Cookie Day

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National Sugar Cookie Day History

National Sugar Cookie Day is dedicated to honoring everything about the popular and deliciously simple sugar cookie, an enticing treat that has been a favorite in American households for generations. This day also serves to honor the history and cultural significance of this humble, tasty dessert.

Although the exact origins of National Sugar Cookie Day are somewhat shrouded in mystery, the sugar cookie itself traces its roots back to the 1700s in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. German Protestant settlers there created the round, crumbly and buttery cookie that we know and love today. Over the years, it has become a quintessential element of traditional American cuisine, known for its simple ingredients and preparation, yet yielding a delectably sweet and satisfying dessert.

National Sugar Cookie Day invites people of all ages to partake in baking, sharing and, of course, eating these irresistible treats. Whether homemade or store bought, plain or artistically decorated, taking a bite out of a sugar cookie on this day is a sweet tribute to an iconic American culinary tradition. National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated every year on July 9.

National Sugar Cookie Day facts

  • According to Google search data, sugar cookies are the most popular in the US during Christmas.
  • According to, the modern sugar cookie was originally called the Nazareth sugar cookie. It was named after German Protestants who settled in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
  • Sanding sugar is a common ingredient added to the tops of sugar cookies. The crystals in the sugar reflect light and produce a shiny, sparkly appearance. Lighter sugars like light brown or dark brown sugar will leave the finished cookies a darker color.
  • Sugar cookies are often the base for a classic "thumbprint" cookie, where a small well is made in the center of the cookie and then filled with jam or other sweet fillings.

Top things to do for National Sugar Cookie Day

  • Visit your local grocery or bakery and purchase sugar cookies. They may be offering special deals to celebrate the day.
  • Bake some sugar cookies! Check out this recipe for easy sugar cookies.
  • Invite friends over for a fun milk and cookies night. Have everyone bring their favorite cookies and provide some milk.

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