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2019 Date:December 9, 2019
2020 Date:December 14, 2020
Green Monday

Green Monday History

Green Monday aims to promote sustainability through green lifestyle choices. The day aims to promote recycling and reusing while reducing global energy consumption and switching to vegetarian diets in order to conserve resources and reduce the human carbon footprint.

Green Monday takes place on the second Monday in December every year.

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Green Monday Facts & Quotes

  • Green Monday is the third largest online shopping day of the year. The only two bigger ones are Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. All three shopping days occur within the span of a month.
  • Online shopping sales are predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017 from $231 billion in 2012.
  • eBay is rumored to have created the term Green Monday after it had experienced one of its highest online shopping days during the month of December.
  • Some people refer to Green Monday as Cyber Monday 2 because of the similarity of both shopping days and the fact that they are close to one another on the calendar.
  • Shopping at any level is a bit of therapy for my medulla oblongata. – Theophilus London, American rapper, singer and songwriter.

Green Monday Top Events and Things to Do

  • Spread awareness by using the hashtags #GreenMonday, #ShopGreen and #GreenMonday2016.
  • Fill your online shopping cart with all the things you were thinking of buying at all online retail shops. Total up the cost of all the things you were going to buy, and instead of buying them, donate that exact amount of money to a charity of your choice.
  • Don't waste water!!! Make a conscious effort to use less water and be greener. Some ways to reduce water consumption include, showers instead of baths, washing full loads of clothing only and turning off the tap while washing dishes and brushing teeth.
  • Go meatless for a day. Try making homemade versions of your meat dishes without the meat. Try veggie pizzas, meatless meatballs or black bean burgers.
  • Buy something green! You can buy just about anything online these days, so treat yourself or a loved one to something you have been saving up for. Chances are you can find all of your green needs at a reduced price on Green Monday! Consider buying glass food storage containers, LED lightbulbs and smarthome thermostats.

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Green Monday

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