National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day Quick Facts

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2020 DateSeptember 25, 2020
2021 DateSeptember 25, 2021
National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day History

National Comic Book Day celebrates the comic book medium and its associated productions. This day is a chance for fans and creators to celebrate the history and impact of comic books. It is celebrated annually on September 25th.

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National Comic Book Day Facts

  • In 2019, comic book and graphic novel sales were approximately $1.2 billion in the U.S and Canada. Graphic novels are stories published as books that also use the comic-strip format.
  • The first modern comic strip to debut was Richard F. Outcault's The Yellow Kid in 1895.
  • The golden age of comic books was from 1938-1950. Given the events of World War II, the U.S used DC & Marvel superheroes like Batman & Captain America to spread ideals of social reform and patriotism.

National Comic Book Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend a local comic-con event. If none are available, gather some friends and share your favorite comics and characters.
  • Try making your own comic strip. Some websites are free and easy to use. Websites like Story Board That are free to use with the option to pay for more advanced features.
  • Watch your favorite DC or Marvel movie. Here are some of ours:
    Black Panther (2018)
    Doctor Strange (2016)
    The Dark Knight (2008)

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