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National Candy Corn Day

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National Candy Corn Day History

National Candy Corn Day is dedicated to the widely recognized and beloved tri-colored candy that has become a staple of Halloween treats. There is no clear historical information about the origins of this particular day, but it is thought to have been created by candy enthusiasts and lovers of this iconic candy. This day aims to bring attention to the unique flavor and nostalgic appeal of candy corn, reminding people to indulge in its sweet sweetness.

Candy corn is a small, kernel-shaped candy made primarily from sugar, corn syrup, and confectioner's wax. It was first created by George Renninger in the 1880s and gained popularity due to its distinct appearance and taste. The candy is typically divided into three colors: yellow at the base, orange in the middle, and white at the tip, designed to resemble actual corn kernels. It has a unique flavor, often described as a mixture of honey and marshmallow, which serves as a delightful treat during the Halloween season.

National Candy Corn Day serves as an occasion for candy enthusiasts and children alike to revel in the delights of this iconic candy. People celebrate by enjoying and sharing candy corn with friends and family, incorporating it into festive treats, or simply savoring its sugary goodness. National Candy Corn Day is celebrated annually on October 30th.

National Candy Corn Day facts

  • Over 35 million pounds (around 9 billion pieces) of candy corn are produced every year by confectionery companies, with the majority sold around Halloween.
  • Candy corn was originally known as "chicken feed", as corn was commonly used as food for livestock. The boxes were even illustrated with a colorful rooster logo.
  • Candy corn is mainly made of sugar, corn syrup, confectioner's wax, artificial coloring and binders.
  • According to a survey by National Confectioners Association, 65% of Americans eat candy corn starting with the narrow white end.

Top things to do for National Candy Corn Day

  • Buy different varieties of candy corn and have a tasting competition with friends or family members. Rate each type on taste, texture, and overall flavor.
  • Use candy corn to create fun crafts. Make candy corn wreaths, candy corn garlands, or even candy corn artwork
  • Use candy corn as an art medium to create unique and seasonal designs. You can make candy corn mosaics, jewelry, or even paint with candy corn as brushes.

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