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2023 DateMay 11, 2023
2024 DateMay 11, 2024
Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Day History

Eat What You Want Day encourages people to eat what they want without guilt. This day aims to allow everyone the opportunity to choose pleasure over diet. It does not suggest eating in excess, but rather the goal is to create a day free of stress and worry. It is a chance to quell that craving and indulge in a cheat day.

Eat What You Want Day was created in 2009 by Thomas and Ruth Roy, owners of Wellcat Holidays, a site dedicated to fun and quirky holidays. Eat What you Want Day is observed annually on May 11.

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Eat What You Want Day Facts & Quotes

  • A Harris Poll survey posed the question, If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which would it be? They found that:
    1) 21% of participants chose pizza
    2) 16% of participants chose steak
    3) 13% of participants chose hamburgers
    4) 11% of participants chose tacos
    5) 11% of participants chose pasta
  • According to Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate, in a day, the average person should eat 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% whole grains, and 25% protein. They also add plant oils like olive or peanut.
  • Celebrate by eating what you want, but try to be mindful of just how much you eat. According to a Harvard study, the average fast food combo meal contains about 1200 calories. Included in these calories is about 14 grams of fat, 68 grams of sugar, and 2000 milligrams of salt.
  • One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well - Virginia Woolf

Eat What You Want Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Explore the healthy eating plate to find all types of good food to eat.
  • Explore popular burger chains. Choose your favorite burger place or discover a new one.
  • Donate to local food shelters. Everyone has a favorite food, but some don't have the opportunity to enjoy it.

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