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2024 DateAugust 26, 2024
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National Dog Day

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National Dog Day History

National Dog Day seeks to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs and raise awareness on the importance of adopting dogs. The day highlights the unconditional love that dogs provide and acknowledging their roles in our lives as companions, protectors, and service providers. This day encourages people to recognize the contributions of dogs in enriching our lives and promoting their overall well-being.

The idea for National Dog Day was conceived in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and animal advocate Colleen Paige. Her motivation was to honor dogs for their loyalty, selflessness, and the countless ways they enrich and save human lives. The United States has a strong connection to dogs, with an estimated 78 million canines living in American households. Dogs have been cherished throughout American history, and many view dogs as family members, friends, and even heroes in various situations.

In the United States, National Dog Day is observed in a variety of ways to show appreciation and support for our canine companions. Some people choose to volunteer at animal shelters, visit dog parks, or participate in dog-friendly events. Others may opt to donate to organizations that focus on the welfare of dogs or support local pet businesses. A significant number of individuals choose to adopt a dog on this day or simply spend quality time with their furry friends. Regardless of how one chooses to celebrate, the goal remains the same: to recognize and appreciate the valuable role dogs play in our lives. National Dog Day is celebrated annually on August 26th, providing a special opportunity for Americans to cherish and honor our beloved canine companions.

National Dog Day facts

  • At one time, Iraq and Afghanistan had about 1,200 dog teams in action. When the war dogs are involved, the bomb detection rate can be as high as 80%.
  • Globally, Only 10% of animals that enter shelters have been spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs have around 220 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to only 5 million in humans.
  • According to the American Human Association, the most common reason (29%) for giving up a dog is because their place of residence does not allow them.
  • It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog - Mark Twain

Top things to do in the US for National Dog Day

  • Donate to one of many organizations such as, the Humane Society or the ASPCA, that help animals in need. You can also donate blankets, pet food and toys to your local animal shelter.
  • Volunteer your time at your local animal rescue shelter. Most shelters operate with volunteers. There is always a need for help walking, feeding, playing with and cleaning up after the animals.
  • Adopt a dog. There are local shelters in most counties that pick up strays or take in animals that have been given up or abandoned. Visit your local shelter to pick up a new companion.
  • Sign your dog up for dog training classes. There are many options from confirmation, obedience, rally, hunting, agility and utility, amongst others.
  • Watch a movie about dogs from all walks of life. Our favorites are:
    Air Bud (1996)
    101 Dalmatians (1996)
    Beethoven (1992)
    Marley and Me (2008)

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