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National Chocolate Milk Day

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National Chocolate Milk Day History

National Chocolate Milk Day is a celebration of the delightful and ubiquitous flavored drink—chocolate milk. This day aims to honor the unique taste and nutritional value of chocolate milk, highlighting the importance of considering chocolate milk as a delightful alternative to other beverages, and encouraging its consumption not just among children, but also for adults.

The origins of National Chocolate Milk Day remain elusive and unclear. However, the creation of chocolate milk can be traced back to Jamaica, where it was invented by Sir Hans Sloane in the late 1680s. Initially, it was sold as a medicinal drink, but over time, its sweet taste, coupled with its nutritional benefits, made it popular among general masses, especially children.

National Chocolate Milk Day highlights how chocolate milk has become a vital part of American food culture with its numerous uses, from being a morning breakfast drink to serving as an after-workout refuel. The day also encourages companies, restaurants, and families to devise innovative ways to incorporate chocolate milk into various dishes and beverages. National Chocolate Milk Day is celebrated annually on September 27th.

National Chocolate Milk Day facts

  • Cocoa husk has shown antibacterial properties.
  • A Jamaican company known as Lasco is credited with making the first powdered chocolate milk mix in the early 20th century.
  • The earliest mentions of chocolate milk actually go back as far as 1494, when Christopher Columbus brought back cacao beans from his travels in the New World.
  • Chocolate milk was invented by Hans Sloane, an Irish botanist, in the late 1680s. Sloane spent some time in Jamaica, where locals gave him cocoa to drink. He didn't like its bitter taste, so he decided to add milk. He brought his creation back to England, and his drink quickly became popular.

Top things to do for National Chocolate Milk Day

  • Purchase your favorite chocolate mix and make your own chocolate milk.

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