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World Post Day History

World Post Day celebrates the role of postal services in the everyday lives of people and businesses, recognizing the importance of efficient and reliable mail delivery. On this day, postal agencies worldwide work to raise awareness about their services, promote innovation, and improve customer satisfaction. The Observance highlights the vital contribution postal services make to global development, enabling the exchange of information, goods, and services worldwide.

World Post Day traces its origins back to 1874 when the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established to streamline and standardize international postal services. The UPU now includes 192 member countries, including the United States. For Americans, World Post Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the United States Postal Service (USPS), which serves an essential role in connecting people and businesses across the country. USPS, an independent federal agency, delivers an estimated 48 percent of the world’s mail, processing and delivering over 142 billion pieces of mail and packages annually.

In the United States, World Post Day is observed through various events and activities, such as open houses at local post offices, educational programs on postal history, and special promotions or discounts on postal services. Social media campaigns also encourage appreciation for postal professionals and the sharing of personal stories highlighting the impact of mail services on everyday lives. These collective efforts serve to emphasize the importance of postal services and honor the dedicated employees that make mail delivery possible. World Post Day is celebrated globally every year on October 9th, commemorating the establishment of the UPU.

World Post Day facts

  • The USPS processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day.
  • Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General.
  • The USPS owns the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world, with over 227,000 vehicles.
  • U.S mail is protected by more than 200 federal laws.

Top things to do in the US for World Post Day

  • Watch Sealed With a Kiss: The Story of the U.S. Postal Service (2012).
  • Some people celebrate by using the mail service to send a letter or package, especially if they typically use electronic communications.
  • Another way to mark the day is to buy or collect commemorative stamps issued by USPS.

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