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2024 DateSeptember 7, 2024
2025 DateSeptember 7, 2025

Brazil Independence Day

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Brazil Independence Day History

Brazil Independence Day, known as Dia da Independencia, marks Brazil's emancipation from Portuguese colonial rule. The history of the day dates back to 1822 when the then prince regent, Dom Pedro declared 'Independência ou Morte' (Independence or Death) on the banks of Ipiranga creek in São Paulo, breaking away from centuries-long Portuguese domination. The day is marked by grand military parades, concerts, carnivals, and fireworks, set against the backdrop of the vibrant Brazilian culture, reflecting the spirit of freedom and national pride.

Schools, businesses, and government agencies close on this day to honor Brazil's strides towards self-governance and its rich cultural heritage. The epicenter of the celebration is the capital city, Brasília, where people from all walks of life unite to celebrate their shared history and hope for the future. September 7th serves not only as a day of remembrance but also of celebration, where the essence of Brazil — its vigor, color, and resilience — is on full display.

Brazil Independence Day facts

  • The war lasted from February 1822, when the first skirmishes took place, to March 1824, when the last Portuguese garrison of Montevideo surrendered to Commander Sinian Kersey. It was fought on land and sea and involved both regular forces and civilian militia. Independence was recognized by Portugal in August 1825.
  • In 1808, the Portuguese court, fleeing from Napoleon’s invasion of Portugal during the Peninsular War, moved the government apparatus to its then-colony, Brazil, establishing themselves in the city of Rio de Janeiro from where the Portuguese king ruled his huge empire for 15 years.
  • Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital city until 1961. However, the country’s capital was shifted from the crowded Rio de Janeiro to planned city of Brasilia.
  • Brazil did not immediately gain recognition of its independence from Portugal. It took a few years and a significant sum of money (about 2 million pounds sterling) to persuade Portugal to recognize Brazil as a separate country.
  • Brazil's independence was declared by Dom Pedro I, the son of the King of Portugal. Pedro was visiting Brazil at that time. He defied his father's orders to return to Portugal and instead declared Brazil's independence.

Top things to do for Brazil Independence Day

  • In Brasília, the national celebration takes place at the Ministries Esplanade with a civil-military parade in the presence of the President of Brazil, who is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Around 30,000 people attend the event each year, which costs about one million reais.[7][8] Similar military and civil parades are held in all the state capitals, and in many major cities throughout the country.
  • Enjoy the national dish of Brazil, Feijoada. It is a stew of beans with beef and pork. You can also try Picanha (barbecued meat) and Moqueca (fish stew).
  • Watch the film Independência ou Morte (1972) to learn more about Brazil's independence and their fight for freedom.

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