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2024 DateSeptember 25, 2024
2025 DateSeptember 25, 2025

National One Hit Wonder Day

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National One Hit Wonder Day History

National One-Hit Wonder Day pays tribute to those artists who have managed to achieve top 40 recognition once, but never repeated that singular feat. The day provides an opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of songs and appreciate the artists whose fame came swiftly but was typically short-lived. Be it music, sports or literature, a one-hit wonder refers to an individual who achieves success only once, and this day is essentially established to remember those unique gems of creativity.

Although there's limited information on who started National One-Hit Wonder Day, the holiday is believed to have been initiated by music journalists in the late 20th century as a fitting tribute to those artists or groups whose single top charting hit overshadowed their other works. This occasion recognizes a variety of artists and genres from rock & roll, pop, country, hip-hop, disco, and more.

National One-Hit Wonder Day falls on the 25th of September every year. It is a fun opportunity to rediscover old favorites and explore different music styles spanning several decades. On this day, music lovers celebrate by listening to these engaging one-off hits and appreciating the artists' contributions to the music industry.

National One Hit Wonder Day facts

  • The term One-hit wonder isn't only applied to music but rather a wide range of categories such as within sports, movies, or books.
  • An example of a one-hit wonder in sports is New York Met's player Chris Jelic. Jelic had only one career hit, a homerun, in 1990.
  • A popular novel regarded as a one-hit wonder is Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The 1980s are considered to be the "Golden Age" of one-hit wonders.
  • The term "One Hit Wonder" was popularised by music journalist Tom Hinkes in 1955, referring to artists with one hit under their belt.

Top things to do for National One Hit Wonder Day

  • Travel down memory lane and listen to some of the most popular one-hit wonders. Here's a recent list:
    Sail (2013) - Awolnation
    Rude (2014) - Magic!
    Tuesday (2014) - ILoveMakonnen
    Budapest (2015) - George Ezra
    Watch Me / Whip / Nae Nae (2015) - Silento

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