Independent Bookstore Day

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2020 DateApril 25, 2020
2021 DateApril 24, 2021
Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Bookstore Day History

Independent Bookstore Day encourages Independent bookstores to promote events, parties, contests, live music, scavenger hunts and any other events that can entertain and bring joy to people. Besides the celebrations, the observance also aims to emphasize that independent bookstores are not just common stores, it has a meaningful value to communities and individuals. Independent Bookstore Day occurs annually on the last Saturday of April.

Independent Bookstore Day Facts & Quotes

  • Consumers control the marketplace by deciding where to spend their money. If what a bookstore offers matters to you, then shop at a bookstore. If you feel that the experience of reading a book is valuable, then read the book. This is how we change the world: we grab hold of it. We change ourselves. Ann Patchett, bestselling author and co-owner of Parnassus Books

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