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Independent Bookstore Day

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Independent Bookstore Day History

Independent Bookstore Day acknowledges the valuable contribution of indie bookstores to their local communities and the broader literary world. This observance offers an opportunity to highlight the unique attributes of independent bookshops which set them apart from mass-market retailers. Communities recognize the exceptional selection, knowledgeable staff, and intimate settings that make independent bookstores powerful engines of economic development, literacy, and cultural enrichment.

Independent Bookstore Day in America has roots going back to 2014 when it was launched in California by author and bookstore owner, Samantha Schoech. The event grew, rapidly gaining national attention and evolving into a yearly nationwide tradition for bibliophiles. For American citizens, Independent Bookstore Day serves as a reminder of the critical role the bookstores play – not only in fostering a love for reading but also in resisting the homogenization of high-street retail. These stores offer an alternative to online and big-chain book retailers by providing a sense of connection, individuality, and community spirit.

In America, Independent Bookstore Day is observed with day-long festive activities that vary from store to store. Booksellers typically host author readings, book signings, special sales, and children's events. Exciting limited-edition book-related items not available at any other time are offered to celebrate the day. The observance acts as an open house for the community to share their love of books and to reinforce their commitment to local businesses. Regional bookstore crawls are also a popular tradition during the celebration. Independent Bookstore Day takes place on the last Saturday in April each year.

Facts about Independent Bookstore Day

  • Bookstores are more than just repositories of knowledge. They’re living, breathing, evolving representations of our best selves. I love Independent Bookstore Day because it asks readers, writers, and booksellers to join in celebrating all that bookstores represent. It’s a gathering to remind ourselves that the written word can both change us and the world, and of what’s possible when we all come together - Celeste NG, Independent Bookstore Day 2018
  • For every $100 spent at a local independent bookstore, around $52 stays within the local economy, compared to just $14 when spent at chain stores.
  • Independent booksellers tend to offer more personalized customer service, recommending books based on customers’ tastes and interests.
  • In 2021 there were about 1,700 independent bookselling companies in the US.
  • The most popular book at the start of 2022 in the US was the book It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover. The book has sold over 1 million copies and has been translated for more than 20 languages.

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