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World UFO Day Quick Facts

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2023 DateJuly 2, 2023
2024 DateJuly 2, 2024
World UFO Day

World UFO Day History

World UFO Day seeks to raise awareness about the existence of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. This day hopes to encourage governments around the world to declassify any knowledge they may have about UFOs. This day also aims to pose the question as to whether intelligent life exists outside the Earth.

World UFO Day was established in 2001 by researcher Haktan Akdogan. It is observed annually on July 2nd.

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World UFO Day Facts & Quotes

  • The Roswell, New Mexico incident of 1947 has been the origin story for many sightings and reporting’s of UFOs. Controversy and skepticism have followed ever since regarding classified information believed to be withheld by the US. In 2020 however, the US Pentagon released footage from when US navy pilots encountered what appeared to be UFOs. The pilots described the hovering object saying, it accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen.
  • The acronym UFO was created in 1953 by the United States Air Force so that they could record and review instances involving unknown flying objects. A new term, UAP, unidentified aerial phenomena, was launched in 2020 to do away with the stigma surrounding UFOs.
  • According to worldufoday, some of the 20th-century UFO accounts include:
    1) During the 1940s, metallic spears and colorful balls of light were seen by bomber crews.
    2) In 1947, many cases of unidentified flying objects were being reported after a crash in Roswell, New Mexico.
    3) In 1997, thousands of people saw V-shaped patterns in the sky around the Nevada border.

World UFO Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Find upcoming events near you. World UFO Day hosts events around the world that focus on uncovering UFOs and sharing information related to them.
  • Explore several UFO documentaries. They focus on UFO footage and sightings as well as interviews researchers.
  • Watch a movie about UFOs or extraterrestrial life. Here are our suggestions:
    Paul (2011)
    The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
    K-PAX (2009)

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