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International Day of Families

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International Day of Families History

The International Day of Families aims to raise awareness of the various issues families face around the world while promoting social, economic, and demographic policies that can benefit them. The observance also underscores the importance of family-oriented goals and objectives in international development efforts.

Initiated by the United Nations in 1993, the International Day of Families observes and responds to the changing social and economic structures that impact families globally. The recognition has thematic significance for families in America, where a diverse array of family structures is recognized and celebrated. The international observance offers an opportunity for American families and relevant organizations to reflect on the progress made and challenges faced in advancing family-oriented policies. The celebration also amplifies the significance of familial bonds, pushing for societal recognition and support of all family types, from single-parent homes to multigenerational households.

In America, the International Day of Families is observed in a range of ways. Many communities host events, such as family-oriented activities, educational conferences, and cultural exhibitions, that highlight the importance and diversity of families. Additionally, it serves as a platform for organizations and individuals to advocate for policy changes beneficial to families. International Day of Families is customarily recognized on May 15 each year.

International Day of Families facts

  • The theme for International Day of Families in 2023 was Demographic Trends and Families.
    In 2022, the theme was Families and Urbanization.
  • According to lending tree, in 2022, California, New York and Florida have the largest homeless populations.
  • According to EarthWeb, there are about 326,000 people living in transitional housing and homeless shelters in the U.S. in 2022.
  • According to Family Promise, in 2022, about 2.5 million children experienced homelessness in America.

Top things to do in the US for International Day of Families

  • Spend time with your family. Go on vacation, visit an amusement park, find something that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • Check out the 2020 International Day of Families video if you missed it. It explores how mothers around the world reacted to the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.
  • Watch a feel-good movie about the value of family. Here are our suggestions:
    Coco (2017)
    Moana (2016)
    Finding Nemo (2003)

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