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Afghanistan Independence

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Afghanistan Independence History

The observance of Afghanistan Independence Day, marked on August 19th annually, plays a pivotal role in the nation's calendar as a commemoration of their autonomous declaration from British oversight in 1919. The event serves as a profound demonstration of national pride, unity, and perseverance, celebrated with great fervor across the country.

Afghanistan’s independence was sealed following the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi on August 8, 1919, which culminated the third Anglo-Afghan war. Prominently led by King Amanullah Khan, the vision of an independent and sovereign Afghanistan led to its successful liberation from British control after decades of political maneuvering and conflict, positioning it as a fully autonomous state.

The observance of the Independence Day is marked by various public and private spectacles, including grand military parades, music concerts, and extensive firework displays. Schools and offices are closed as the day is considered a national holiday. This reflection of independence, resilience, and tenacity can serve to inspire and educate those unfamiliar with Afghanistan’s historical narrative. This momentous occasion is celebrated each year on August 19th.

Afghanistan Independence facts

  • The Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 concluded the 3rd Anglo-Afghan war and recognized Afghanistan's independence. It also guaranteed neutrality between Afghanistan and Britain.
  • The Afghanistan flag is black, red and green. According to The Embassy of Afghanistan in the U.S, Black represents the occupation of foreigners, the Red represents the blood of freedom fighters, and the Green represents freedom and Islam. The national emblem in the middle of the flag has the words, there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his prophet and Allah is Great.
  • The first democratically elected president of Afghanistan was Hamid Karzai. He was elected in 2004.

Top things to do for Afghanistan Independence

  • Visit the Taq-e Zafar in Paghman, Afghanistan. It is a ceremonial arch that was built to commemorate Afghanistan's independence in 1928.
  • Enjoy traditional Afghan dishes. Some popular items include Haft mewa (dried fruit and nut soup), Chopan kabob (roasted lamb meat), and Kabuli pulao(meat and rice pilaf).
  • Watch an in-depth video about Afghanistan's independence. This video looks at Afghanistan's 100 years of independence and explores what it took to achieve it.

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