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Go Skateboarding Day History

Go Skateboarding Day celebrates the exhilarating sport of skateboarding. The observance aims to encourage people of all ages, particularly youth, to grab their boards and engage in the physical activity. Taking place globally, the celebration seeks to foster community, highlight the sport's benefits, and promote skateboarding's unique culture.

The concept of Go Skateboarding Day originated in 2004 when the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) teamed up with California skateboarders to create a day to showcase the sport. Since then, the commemoration has grown into an international phenomenon with millions participating each year. In the United States, the day has garnered extensive support from city governments, retailers, skate parks, and local communities. This widespread backing has resulted in various events and promotions, such as discounted skate merchandise, free admission into skate parks, and organized gatherings bolstering the sport.

Go Skateboarding Day observances in America typically include a range of activities, from informal group skates to sponsored exhibitions featuring professional skateboarders. Skate parks, shops, and local groups often coordinate events in major cities, while smaller towns may have impromptu gatherings at popular skate spots. These events encourage camaraderie, exchanging tricks and skills, and celebrating the sport's cultural impact. Go Skateboarding Day occurs annually on June 21st, serving as a summer catalyst to motivate skateboarders across the nation to carve out time for their passion.

Go Skateboarding Day facts

  • Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk may have popularized skateboarding, but according to skateboarders, Tony Alva was one of the earliest skateboard pioneers. Born in California in 1957, Alva originally started skateboarding to practice surfing. He would later pave the wave for skating by utilizing ramps and vertical planes. He would revolutionize the sport and also encourage competition with his own team, the Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team.
  • The first skateboard trick is attributed to Alan Gelfand. He called his trick an ollie which involved leaping into the air with his board without the use of his hands.
  • Skateboarding culture has had significant influences on fashion, music, and film over the past several decades.
  • According to skateboarders, one of the first skateboard-like devices in the US was a 3-wheeled metal device used during the 1920s to practice skiing. A decade later the Scooter Skate was introduced. This was a metal rocket ship-shaped board that could be used with or without a handle. Skateboards eventually evolved from these and in 1959 they started to be mass-produced by a company called the Roller Derby Skate Company.

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