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International Waffle Day

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International Waffle Day History

International Waffle Day honors the joy and deliciousness of waffles. This special day invites food enthusiasts and waffle lovers alike to enjoy and appreciate these warm, crispy, and fluffy treats in all their delightful variations, proving that waffles go far beyond a typical breakfast item.

The origin of this savory holiday traces back to Sweden, initiated as Våffeldagen, a day coincidentally sounding like "Vårfrudagen", which means "Our Lady's Day". It evolved from a religious event commemorating the Feast of the Annunciation into a culinary tradition of making waffles. The day soon gained international recognition, with people across borders indulging in the pleasures of waffle making and eating, unified by their shared love for this versatile dish.

International Waffle Day encourages everyone to experiment with flavors and toppings, from the traditional syrup and berries to the more daring combinations of waffle sandwiches and waffle pizzas. Regardless of how they're served, this holiday reminds everyone of the simple yet unparalleled comfort and satisfaction that a freshly cooked waffle can provide. International Waffle Day occurs each year on March 25th.

Facts about International Waffle Day

  • According to, the first patent for a stove-top waffle iron was obtained in 1869 by New Yorker Cornelius Swartwout.
  • Despite the common belief, the "Belgian waffle" known to many Americans with larger squares and deeper pockets was actually popularized in the US at the 1964 New York World's Fair by Belgian chef Walter Cleyman.
  • According to Research And Markets, the global frozen waffles market in the US is expected to grow from $2.7 million in 2021, to $4.2 million by 2028.
  • There are 1,972 Waffle House locations spread across the United States. The sate with the most locations is Georgia – 435.
  • The waffle was brought to America in the 17th century by Dutch immigrants. According to, Dutch immigrants brought the dish to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Top things to do for International Waffle Day

  • Visit a waffle place or restaurant near you. They may be offering special deals to celebrate the day.
  • Make your own waffles! Check out this list of recipes to find one you like.
  • Host a waffle night and have friends bring different ingredients and toppings to add.

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