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2024 DateMarch 10, 2024
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Mario Day History

Mario Day celebrates the protagonist of the popular video game series, Mario. The occasion, epitomizing nostalgia for many fans, recognizes not just the iconic Italian plumber but also the broader impact of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and subsequent franchise on the American gaming culture.

The holiday takes its name from the clever play on the calendar date; “MAR10” or March 10th, when stylized, appears similar to the character’s name, Mario. The observance does not have roots in any known historic or traditional events but has been adopted by video game enthusiasts and promulgated by the Nintendo Company, the creators of the character. Emerging from the primordial gaming culture, Mario Day adopted an annual cadence in 2016 with major gaming communities and Nintendo joining in the celebration.

On Mario Day, practitioners engage in various activities such as holding Mario-themed events, participating in online gaming marathons, wearing Mario-themed clothing, or simply reminiscing on the games that defined a generation. The Internet is flooded with tributes in the form of fan art, memes, and forum discussions. Retailers, too, jump on the bandwagon, offering discounts on Mario-themed merchandise. This joyous festivity takes place every year on March 10th.

Facts about Mario Day

  • The 1983 arcade game Mario Bros. was the first game to feature Mario as the main character. It also featured Mario's brother, Luigi.
  • Mario is one of the most well known games and franchises in the world. According to Nintendo As of 2023, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has sold close to 54 million copies. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a 2017 expansion title.
  • According to MarioWiki, Mario has made an appearance in over 300 games. His latest appearance was in the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which was released in October of 2023.
  • The first game to star Mario, "Donkey Kong", was introduced in 1981. Initially, Mario was referred to as "Jumpman" in the game.

Top things to do for Mario Day

  • Browse the official Mario Nintendo site to explore all things Mario.
  • Play Mario games. You can play classics like Super Mario Bros. or more recent additions like Paper Mario: The Origami King.
  • Watch the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie. It is the first feature length live-action film based on a video game.

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