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National Biscuit Day

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National Biscuit Day History

National Biscuit Day seeks to celebrate the soft baked bread. Biscuits are small baked goods made with flour, baking powder, salt, buttermilk or milk, butter, and sometimes sugar. Before the American Civil War, biscuits began as a cheap supplement to meals. Soon enough, biscuits became one of the world's favorite snacks. This day encourages everyone to enjoy the tasty treats. Biscuits should be distinguished from cookies. Depending on the country, such as in the UK, biscuits may refer to cookies rather than the baked bread in the US.

National Biscuit Day seems to have been started in 2014 as a promotion for the baked bread. It is observed annually on May 29th.

National Biscuit Day facts

  • According to Today in History, Alexander P. Ashbourne of Oakland, California received patent number 170,460 for an improved biscuit-cutter in 1875. Prior to his invention, cooks would roll and shape their biscuits by hand. Ashbourne's invention consisted of a board to roll the biscuit dough out on which was hinged to a metal plate with various biscuit cutter shapes mounted to it.
  • The average buttermilk biscuit has over 200 calories.
  • The Egyptians were among the first to bake a form of biscuit-like bread, while the Romans baked a variety of sweet and savory biscuits. Biscuits gained popularity during the Middle Ages as a convenient food for travelers and soldiers.
  • When I cannot write a poem, I bake biscuits and feel just as pleased Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Top things to do in the US for National Biscuit Day

  • Find the best recipe for buttermilk biscuits and serve them to your favorite people.
  • Visit your local bakery and order some fresh biscuits. They may be offering special deals to celebrate the day.
  • Go out to eat at a southern restaurant. Biscuits are a staple of any southern meal. Enjoy delicious biscuits along with some good southern comfort food.

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