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International Day of the Tropics

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International Day of the Tropics History

International Day of the Tropics aims at raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by tropical regions and the importance of conserving these diverse and dynamic ecosystems. These areas are home to an extraordinary wealth of biodiversity, including countless species of plants, animals, and insects, many of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. The tropics also account for 40% of the world's total surface area and are home to approximately 80% of the world's population, making them critical centers of economic growth, culture, and innovation.

This observance was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2016, following the launch of the State of the Tropics report, which highlighted the unique role of tropical regions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. While the tropics might seem distant to Americans, the report underscores that the well-being of those regions directly affects the US in substantial ways. Climate change and the resulting increase in tropical storms, for example, pose risks to coastal communities and industries in the US. Additionally, preserving the ecosystems in tropical regions plays a crucial role in mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change globally, an issue that transcends national borders.

In the United States, International Day of the Tropics is observed by various organizations, academic institutions, and environmental agencies participating in events, workshops, and seminars to discuss the challenges faced by tropical regions and their implications for the US. The general public is also encouraged to get involved by learning more about these regions and participating in conservation efforts. International Day of the Tropics takes place annually on the 29th of June, providing an opportunity for Americans to engage with the global movement and contribute to the sustainable development of tropical regions around the globe.

International Day of the Tropics facts

  • According to the UN, almost half of the world's population lives in the Tropics.
  • More than 80% of the world's biodiversity lives in the Tropics.
  • The State of the Tropics Report pointed out an interesting fact that by the late 2040s, the Tropics will be more populous than the rest of the world combined.
  • According to, the Tropics contain about 54% of the world’s renewable water resources.

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