National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day Quick Facts - US

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2021 DateJanuary 30, 2021
2022 DateJanuary 30, 2022
National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day History

National Croissant Day celebrates one of the world’s most famous breakfast meals. Although most people believe that the Croissant was invented in France, its actual birthplace is Vienna, Austria. The pastry spread in France around 1839, when the Austrian Baker August Zang opened a Viennese Bakery in Paris. Naturally, many different types of Croissants were developed over the years, some more buttery, some less. Some croissants can reach over ten inches, some smaller portions can be around two inches. It all depends on the occasion, the chef, and the taste. What we know for sure is that Croissants are now served all over the world, and its national day is celebrated every year on January 30th.

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