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2024 DateSeptember 16, 2024
2025 DateSeptember 16, 2025

Mexico Independence Day

Mexico Independence Day in 2024

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Mexico Independence Day History

Mexico Independence Day, also known as El Grito de Dolores or Cry of Dolores, celebrates the country's independence from Spain. The day is marked by various festivities and events, including parades, fireworks, and traditional music performances, reflecting Mexican patriotism and the rich cultural heritage of the country. Mexico Independence Day is an opportunity for Mexicans to remember and honor the heroes that fought for their freedom and the establishment of an independent nation.

The roots of Mexico Independence Day can be traced back to September 16, 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest, issued the Cry of Dolores – a call to arms against Spanish rule and the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence. The movement soon spread across the region, leading to a long and arduous struggle for freedom that finally culminated in the birth of the First Mexican Empire in 1821. For Americans, Mexico Independence Day not only holds significance in understanding the shared history between the United States and Mexico but also highlights the importance of Mexican culture and its contributions to the diverse tapestry of American society.

In the United States, Mexico Independence Day is observed by millions of Mexican-Americans and others who share a deep affinity for Mexican heritage and history. Across the country, cities with large Mexican-American populations – such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston – host various events, including parades, festivals, and cultural exhibitions, showcasing the best of Mexican food, dance, and music. These celebrations serve as a testament to the strong bond between the two countries and a reminder of their intertwined pasts, illustrating the importance of Mexico Independence Day on both sides of the border. Mexico Independence Day is observed annually on September 16th.

Mexico Independence Day facts & quotes

  • Mexico's flag was installed in 1821, the year Mexico reached independence. The tricolor contained the national colors of red, white, and green in diagonal lines. The colors have remained the same, but their placement and the crest in the center of the flag has changed over time. Each of the three colors has a particular significance; it is said that the color green symbolizes hope, white is for unity, and red is for the blood of the national heroes. The crest in the center panel is Mexico's coat of arms and represents an eagle with a snake in its beak standing on a cactus, which comes from the legend of how Tenochtitlan (the Aztec capital where Mexico City is now) was founded.
  • The night before Mexican Independence Day, Mexicans gather in town squares to hear the current Mexican president re-enact the Grito de Dolores. The crowd roars, repeats the shout, and waves Mexican flags. It's followed by fireworks and festive music all night long.
  • The Spanish did not formally recognize Mexico's independence until 1836, 15 years after the signing of the Treaty of Córdoba.
  • Mexico City is the oldest city in North America.

Top things to do in the US for Mexico Independence Day

  • For some Mexican-Americans, attending a special Mass at church is a central part of their Independence Day observances.
  • Many American cities - especially those with large Mexican-American populations like Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and Chicago - hold Fiestas Patrias, or patriotic parties, with live music, traditional Mexican food, dance, and other cultural activities.
  • Many restaurants, especially Mexican restaurants, offer special menus for the day, often including traditional dishes like chiles en nogada and pozole.

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