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2024 DateMay 15, 2024
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National Chocolate Chip Day

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National Chocolate Chip Day History

National Chocolate Chip Day is dedicated to the humble yet beloved chocolate chip, a nation-wide favorite in a myriad of baked goods and desserts. This Observance offers a chance to appreciate this versatile ingredient in all its incarnations, whether studded in cookies, sprinkled over pancakes, or simply appreciated on its own for its sweet, bite-sized delight.

The history of these mini chocolate bits dates back to 1937, when Ruth Graves Wakefield accidentally created chocolate chips at her Toll House Inn, Massachusetts. In her efforts to make a chocolate-flavored cookie, she chopped up chunks of a semi-sweet chocolate bar hoping they would melt. Instead, the chocolate pieces held their shape, adding delightful texture to the cookie. The popularity of her recipe led to the creation of National Chocolate Chip Day, ensuring her sweet accident found its rightful place in American culinary history.

Across America, National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated by indulging in favorite chocolate chip-infused treats, showcasing the extent of the ingredient's versatility. Many restaurants and bakeries join the host of at-home celebrations by offering special chocolate chip themed promotions or limited-time menus. Meanwhile, social media platforms become a stage for sharing mouth-watering images of delicacies starring this small but mighty chocolate. National Chocolate Chip Day takes place on the 15th of May, marking a sweet high point in the month for chocolate lovers across the nation.

National Chocolate Chip Day facts

  • One serving of chocolate chips (1 tbsp) has enough calories (70) to provide enough energy for an adult to walk 150 feet.
  • According to Forbes, cookie sales in the US totaled $10.8 billion in 2022, a 6% increase compared to total cookie sales in 2021.
  • According to Better Homes & Gardens, the most popular cookies in the U.S. in 2022 were:
    1) Chocolate Chip
    2) Peanut Butter
    3) Sugar Cookies
    4) Gingerbread
    5) Snickerdoodles
  • According to thechocolatestore, chocolate manufacturers in the US use about 3.5 million pounds of whole milk every day to make chocolate.

Top things to do in the US for National Chocolate Chip Day

  • Visit a candy store, they may be offering special deals to celebrate the day.
  • Invite friends over for a night of sweets. Supply chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip ice cream, maybe even a chocolate fountain.
  • Explore all the ways you can use chocolate chips.

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