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Pronouns Day Quick Facts

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2021 DateOctober 20, 2021
2022 DateOctober 19, 2022
Pronouns Day

Pronouns Day History

Pronouns Day seeks to inform and educate about the proper use of personal pronouns. Personal pronouns are words that can be subtituted for proper nouns like names. Examples include he, she, they, etc. This day focuses on respecting an individual’s choices and celebrating multiple intersecting identities.

Pronouns Day was founded by the Director of Leadership Initiatives at the University of Maryland, Shige Sakurai. It is observed annually on the 3rd Wednesday of October.

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Pronouns Day Facts

  • In 2018, participants from more than 25 countries took part in events and shared pictures of their awareness campaigns.
  • Gender-neutral or gender-inclusive pronouns include they or them. These can be used to refer to a single person. Other gender-neutral pronouns include ze or hir, pronounced zee and here.
    E.g. Ze is an artist. Ze drew this picture hirself.

Pronouns Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Register for a local event or help organize one.
  • Share your own pronouns on your social media.

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