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World Environment Day History

World Environment Day seeks to raise worldwide awareness about environmental issues and inspire actions towards the protection of our environment. It is a day to underscore the importance of a healthy and green environment and highlights urgent issues such as pollution, deforestation, and wildlife crime. The aim is to promote sustainable living and encourage everyone, from individuals to communities and governments, to make changes that will have a lasting positive impact on the planet.

The inception of World Environment Day dates back to 1972 when it was started by the United Nations General Assembly to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The main aspects of this day that resonate in America revolve around the need to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and protect biodiversity. As one of the major players globally, underpinning environmental policies, the U.S is often at the forefront, leading various efforts to combat diverse environmental challenges like climate change, air, and water pollution.

In America, World Environment Day is observed through various activities and events aimed at drawing attention towards the importance of environmental conservation. Such initiatives include tree planting efforts, recycling drives, cleaning campaigns, awareness-raising rallies, and educational programs in schools. Additionally, many institutions advocate for transitions to renewable energy and encourage the reduction of plastic waste. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June.

World Environment Day facts

  • Approximately 70% of Earth's oxygen is produced by marine plants. The remaining 30% is generated by terrestrial plants, including trees and other vegetation.
  • The Earth's average temperature has risen by about 1.1 degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times. This is primarily due to human activities.
  • It is estimated that about 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forests are lost each year, equivalent to roughly 27 soccer fields per minute.
  • In 2022, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon was at its fastest pace. In the first two months of 2022, roughly 1,500 square miles (five times the size of New York City) were lost.

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