National Fried Chicken Day

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2023 DateJuly 6, 2023
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National Fried Chicken Day

National Fried Chicken Day celebrates one of America's most beloved dishes - fried chicken. Generally, this day aims to appreciate the rich history of this popular comfort food and honor the restaurants, food chains, and home cooks who have perfected their recipes and contributed to its widespread popularity. Key aspects of the observance include recognizing the culinary talent behind the creation of this iconic dish and fostering an appreciation for the flavorful and diverse styles of fried chicken found throughout the country.

Though the exact origins of National Fried Chicken Day are unclear, fried chicken itself has a long history in America, dating as far back as the 18th century. The dish has its roots in the Scottish and African American traditions, with settlers from each culture bringing their unique cooking techniques and flavors to create the dish we know and love today. Fried chicken has since evolved to include many different styles, from the classic Southern style to the Nashville hot variety, highlighting the variety and creativity of America's culinary landscape.

In America, National Fried Chicken Day is observed by individuals indulging in their favorite fried chicken dishes to celebrate the iconic dish. Restaurants and food chains across the country offer special deals and promotions to honor the occasion and encourage people to take part. Food enthusiasts might also share their favorite fried chicken recipes or visit historic establishments known for their signature dishes on social media. National Fried Chicken Day is observed annually on July 6th, marking this beloved food's special day in the United States.

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National Fried Chicken Day facts

  • According to the dailymeal, the Scottish were the first to deep-fry chicken in fat. They eventually brought the dish with them to America.
  • The popular food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) found its success when Colonel Sanders purchased one of the first commercial pressure cookers in 1939. He was able to convert it into a pressure fryer, thus reducing the time it took to cook chicken. This development would set the stage for KFC’s future success.
  • There are 3 methods for frying chicken:
    1) Deep-frying, fries the chicken evenly and is the easiest method
    2) Pressure-frying, takes less time than traditional deep-frying and generally results in a juicier bird
    3) Pan-frying, the most old-fashioned technique that allows ample browning and a higher level of control.

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