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2024 DateApril 28, 2024
2025 DateApril 28, 2025

National Superhero Day

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National Superhero Day History

National Superhero Day celebrates both fictional and real-life superheroes who commit acts of heroism. This day underscores the role of these figures in inspiring hope, encouraging resilience, and promoting moral values and ethical conduct. Fictional superheroes from comic books, films, and television provide exciting adventures, while real-life superheroes such as doctors, teachers, firefighters, and military personnel contribute significantly to the well-being of the community.

National Superhero Day was founded by Marvel Comics employees in 1995. This celebration acknowledges the cultural and societal impact of superhero narratives within the United States. The stories of superheroes, encompassing themes of courage, sacrifice, and justice, resonate with American audiences. They reflect the nation’s values and aspirations, serving as a mirror to American society. Superheroes, both fantastical and real-world, highlight the nation’s potential for transformation and the indomitable spirit of its citizens.

In the U.S., National Superhero Day is observed in different ways. Schools may host special educational events or activities where students can learn about real-life superheroes in their communities. Fans of fictional superheroes commemorate the day by hosting themed parties, dressing up as their favorite characters, or engaging in marathons of superhero movies or comic books. Individuals may also honor real-life heroes by acknowledging their efforts and dedicating acts of kindness. National Superhero Day is observed annually on the 28th of April, providing an opportunity to examine and appreciate heroism in its various manifestations.

Facts about National Superhero Day

  • In 2024, critics predict that the movie Deadpool 3 will be the highest grossing Superhero movie of the year.
    The highest grossing superhero film as of 2022 is the movie Avengers: Endgame, which grossed $2.7 billion worldwide.
  • The Hulk is actually Dr. Bruce Banner, who transforms into the Hulk when he gets angry. The character is a metaphor for uncontrolled rage.
  • Captain America's real name is Steve Rogers. He was created during World War II as a super-soldier to fight against the Axis Powers.
  • In 2022, Spider-Man was deemed the most popular superhero in America, with Batman being the second most popular.

Top things to do in the US for National Superhero Day

  • Watch superhero movies or TV shows like Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman.
  • Visit a comic book shop or attend a comic con event.
  • Popular events for National Superhero Day include cosplay events, comic book conventions, movie screenings of superhero films, themed parties, and charity events.
  • Visit museums that showcase superhero memorabilia such as the Hollywood Museum or The Comic Art Museum
  • Take part in superhero-themed activities at amusement parks such as Disney World or Universal Studios
  • Visit comic book stores like Marvel or DC Comics

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