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National Taco Day History

National Taco Day is a celebration that pays tribute to the taco. This observance allows taco enthusiasts and food lovers alike to come together in appreciation of the delicious, versatile nature of this staple dish. The taco, with its countless filling options and creative combinations, holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of millions across the nation.

The origin of National Taco Day can be traced back to Mexican cuisine and culture, which has had a significant impact on American culinary trends over the years. Tacos have evolved from being a simple street food in Mexico to a highly popularized and sought-after dish in America, offered by a wide range of establishments from food trucks to high-end restaurants. National Taco Day serves as a testament to the strong influence and undeniable popularity of tacos in American society.

National Taco Day is observed in America through various events, promotions, and special offers by restaurants and food businesses, all aimed at honoring the humble taco and promoting a sense of community among taco enthusiasts. These activities consist of everything from taco eating contests and special menu items to discounts or free tacos at participating restaurants. National Taco Day is celebrated annually on October 4th.

National Taco Day facts

  • According to Guinness World Records, the largest taco ever made weighed 750 kg (1,654 lb). It measured 10.95 m (35.9 ft) long and 86 cm (33.8 in) wide. The taco contained: 536.4 kg (1,182.5 lb) of grilled steak, 84.82 kg (186 lb) of dough, 81.2 kg (179 lb) of onion and 48.25 kg (106.3 lb) of coriander.
  • Traditional Mexican tacos do not use ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes or cheese. These are typically American additions. Authentic tacos often make use of corn tortillas and are filled with fresh meats like flank steak or fish, and topped with onion, cilantro, and salsa.
  • One of the first types of tacos described in historical records is called "tacos de miners" or miner's tacos.
  • Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell on March 21, 1962, in Downey, CA. The restaurant now boasts over 6,000 locations in 26 different countries.

Top things to do in the US for National Taco Day

  • Visit your local taqueria for free or cheap tacos!
  • National Taco Day could be a fun time to try new recipes and create your own delicious tacos at home.
  • Visit Taco Bell, as the chain often runs special promotions for National Taco Day.
  • Many cities across the U.S. have local food trucks that serve delicious, unique tacos. National Taco Day is a great time to support these local businesses.

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