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National Burrito Day

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National Burrito Day History

National Burrito Day is dedicated to showing love and appreciation for the Mexican dish, the Burrito! Observed annually, this day brings together food enthusiasts to relish different styles and flavors of burritos, a dish initially invented in Mexico which has taken on numerous delicious interpretations across America.

Although the exact origins of National Burrito Day are unclear, its recognition has grown in tandem with the explosion of Mexican cuisine’s popularity in the U.S in recent decades. The burrito, a flavorful ensemble of ingredients enclosed in a tortilla, has gone from being a regional Mexican street food to an American fast food staple, featuring creative adaptations like breakfast burritos, sushi burritos, and dessert burritos.

The celebration of National Burrito Day typically includes a variety of special offers, discounts, and even free giveaways at Mexican restaurants across the country. Patrons are encouraged not just to enjoy their favorite style of burrito, but also to experiment with new tastes and combinations. From small taco stands to big chain restaurants, it’s an opportunity for America to explore its collective love for this versatile food. National Burrito Day occurs on the first Thursday of April each year.

Facts about National Burrito Day

  • According to GrubHub, more than 4 million Burritos were delivered for dinner which made it the number one order in the U.S. for 2022.
  • The first mention of a burrito on a U.S. menu was in th 1930's at El Cholo' Spanish Café in Los Angeles, California.
  • Burrito means, little donkey in Spanish.
  • Burritos made in Mexico are made much smaller and thinner than those in the US. They are also typically only made with one or two ingredients.
  • Several popular types of burrito are:
    1) The Wet Burrito (this burrito is smothered in sauce and cheese)
    2) The California Burrito (the standard burrito)
    3) The Mission Burrito (this burrito is often larger than normal and requires a tin foil to hold it)

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