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World Tuna Day History

World Tuna Day promotes awareness about the importance of tuna, a notably valuable fish species that critically supports ecological balance, diverse habitats, and contributes substantially to worldwide economies. This Observance stresses the need for vigilant tuna conservation and management to protect it from overfishing and to ensure sustainability of this resource for future generations. It underscores the significant role tuna plays in sustaining livelihoods, providing food security, and socio-economic development globally.

World Tuna Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2016 to draw attention to the crucial role of tuna species and the threats they face. For the UK, a country with a long maritime history and significant fishing industries, World Tuna Day is an opportunity to review and reinforce responsible fishing practises and policies. The UK also plays a crucial role in international forums to advocate for better governance of high seas fisheries, particularly those relevant to tuna. Furthermore, the Observance encourages UK consumers to make more informed choices about the seafood they eat, including tuna, to support sustainable fishing.

In the UK, World Tuna Day serves as an avenue for educating the general public about the importance of tuna and the need for its preservation. This Observance is marked with various activities including talks and presentations delivered by environmentalists and experts, creating a platform for public dialogue and awareness. Exhibitions and sustainable seafood campaigns also play huge roles in the celebration. World Tuna Day is observed each year on May 2nd.

Facts about World Tuna Day

  • The theme for World Tuna Day in 2023 was Yes We Can.
    The theme in 2022 was The Global Tuna Industry: Trailblazing through Tough Times.
  • The tuna industry has an estimated global sale value of almost $10 billion according to the UN.
  • They were once considered a common fish in the United Kingdom’s waters, particularly during the 1930s and 1940s. It was at this time that “tunny” fishing, as it was known, became a popular sport among the British elite, including the future Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Bluefin tuna fishing record was set in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, in 1933 by Laurie Mitchell-Henry. The tuna weighed 386 kg (851 lb) and was caught with a rod and line. This helped the sport gain popularity in the UK and Europe.

Top things to do in the UK for World Tuna Day

  • Learn more about the different kinds of tuna species. Greenpeace lists several species of tuna and provides healthy recommendations for consumption.
  • Check out one of the several seafood festivals held on World Tuna Day to celebrate the importance of tuna in British cuisine. These festivals feature cooking demonstrations, tastings, and educational displays that highlight sustainable fishing practices.
  • Visit seafood restaurants in London that specialise in serving fresh tuna dishes such as Primeur, Aqua Kyoto, and Hakkasan.

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