Piano Day

Piano Day Quick Facts

2021 Date29 March 2021
2022 Date29 March 2022
Piano Day

Piano Day History

Piano Day seeks to celebrate the piano and its centuries of history. This day aims to promote the musical instrument by creating a platform for pianists and piano related projects. It welcomes piano lovers and encourages them to host their own events. This day hopes to keep the piano alive and well as a source of joy for all.

Piano Day was established in 2015 by German pianist Nils Frahm. It is observed on the 88th day of the year.

Piano Day Facts & Quotes

  • The piano is formally called pianoforte, which means soft high sound.
  • The average piano is made using more than 12,000 parts. Every part is required to work flawlessly in order to produce the desired sounds.
  • Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers, and most important, the listener - Nils Frahm

Piano Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Listen to the 2020 Piano Day playlist if you haven't heard it yet.
  • Participate in give a piano, a social opportunity in which those who enjoy the piano are given the ability to do so.
  • Visit a piano bar and enjoy the atmosphere.

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