Beginning of Autumn

Beginning of Autumn Quick Facts

AKA NameMeteorological autumn
2023 Date1 September 2023
2024 Date1 September 2024

Beginning of Autumn

The beginning of Autumn, also known as the Autumn Equinox, is an astronomical event that marks the transition from summer to autumn. The equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator from the northern to the southern hemisphere. It is a significant time in various cultures, symbolising harvest, preparation for the winter months, and reflection on personal growth and achievements. This observance has been traditionally enjoyed through events that promote environmental awareness and showcase the abundance of the harvest season.

In the United Kingdom, the history of the Autumn Equinox celebrations dates back to ancient times, with various cultural traditions attached to the event. Pagan festivities such as Harvest Home and Mabon carry great significance in British culture, with their roots in the agricultural dependence and respect for nature embedded in various communities throughout the country. Today, these celebrations continue to unite people of all ages, particularly those in rural areas, to honour the harvest season.

The Beginning of Autumn in the United Kingdom is often marked by public events and private gatherings that involve feasting, music and dancing, and activities related to the harvest, such as apple picking and preserving produce. Communities and families come together to share meals made from the seasonal bounty, local nature walks, and social events that celebrate the season's arrival. Throughout the British Isles, the autumn equinox typically occurs on the 22nd or 23rd of September, signalling the visible change in daylight hours and the gradual approach of winter.

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Beginning of Autumn Facts

  • This solar term also signifies the start of the migration period for many bird species. As the weather cools down, birds begin their journey to warmer climates, making it a prime time for birdwatching.
  • In ancient times, people would exchange autumn cakes with their friends and family as a way to celebrate the arrival of fall.

Beginning of Autumn Top Events and Things to Do

  • With earlier nights setting in, autumn can be a great time for stargazing. Popular locations include the North York Moors and Brecon Beacons.
  • Autumn is a great time for food and drink festivals in the UK, ranging from apple festivals to beer festivals, and more.
  • The Scottish Highlands become an array of colors during the fall, making this a great time to visit.
  • Located in London, Richmond Park is famous for its deer and stunning landscapes. During the autumn months, you can witness the deer rutting season while enjoying the colors of changing foliage.
  • Visit orchards such as the Brogdale Collections in Kent or the RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey to pick fresh apples and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere.

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