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AKA NameCandy Day
2023 Date21 October 2023
2024 Date19 October 2024

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Sweetest Day celebrates love, affection, and kindness towards others. Initially intended as a day to express gratitude and affection to people who are often neglected, the occasion has evolved to include friends, family members, and romantic partners. The observance presents a unique opportunity to make the people in one's life feel special and cherished through thoughtful gestures.

The Sweetest Day was first observed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1921. Conceived by philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston, the day originally involved distributing sweets to orphans, the elderly, and those less fortunate. In the United Kingdom, this observance offers a subtle reminder to extend acts of kindness beyond one's immediate circle, and to reach out to those in the community who may need cheering up or a sense of connection.

While Sweetest Day remains a lesser-known holiday, a growing number of British people are embracing the occasion and incorporating it into their annual calendar. Observed on the third Saturday of October, Sweetest Day in the United Kingdom is marked by small yet meaningful acts of love and kindness, such as sending thoughtful messages, sharing chocolates or sweets, and spending quality time with loved ones. The day serves as an important reminder to acknowledge and cherish the special connections in our lives.

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Sweetest Day Facts

  • The act of hugging can stimulate the thymus gland, which can boost the immune system.
  • Studies have shown that infants who receive more affection are more likely to develop into confident and independent adults.

Sweetest Day Top Things to Do

  • If the weather allows, going out for a picnic in one of the lovely parks in the UK could be a nice idea.
  • Consider visiting Thermae Bath Spa in Bath, which is Britain's only natural thermal spa.
  • Walk hand-in-hand along the white cliffs of Dover, enjoying dramatic coastal views and a stop at the historic Dover Castle.
  • Indulge in a luxury stay at one of the UK's famous castle hotels, such as Ashford Castle in Ireland or Staying at Bovey Castle in Dartmoor, England.

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