St Pirans Day

St Pirans Day Quick Facts

2021 Date5 March 2021
2022 Date5 March 2022
St Pirans Day

St Pirans Day History

St Piran’s Day seeks to commemorate the patron saint of Cornwall, Saint Piran. Saint Piran is believed to have been a bishop who traveled to Cornwall in the beginning of the 6th century. He was exiled from Ireland for his ability to perform miracles. Finding himself in Cornwall, he built a chapel on a beach near Newquay. The beach was named Perran Beach and the town Porth Peran as a tribute to him. This day recognizes Saint Piran and his discovery of the precious metal tin. It aims to pay tribute to him and celebrate the people of Cornwall. This day features many celebrations including marches, festivals, and Cornish-themed events.

St Piran’s Day was revived in the late 19th century by Celtic revivalists wishing to bring back Saint Piran as a symbol of the people of Cornwall. This day is observed annually on 5 March.

St Pirans Day Facts

  • Saint Piran's flag is a white cross on a black background. The design is said to represent white tin flowing from a black rock since Saint Piran discovered the process of mining tin.
  • Although Cornwall is known for its mining industry, the county's last mine was closed down in 1998.
  • It's believed that Saint Piran performed several miracles while in Ireland. One such miracle is that he raised soldiers from the dead.

St Pirans Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Attend a parade. Many celebrations are held on this day with live music and traditional Cornish foods like stargazy pie, pilchards (Cornish sardines), and Cornish yarg (Cornish cheeses).
  • Visit the relic of St. Pirain's chapel on Perran Beach in Cornwall. St Piran built the small chapel upon arriving in Cornwall.
  • Watch the 2020 St Piran's Day parade if you missed it. Due to Covid-19, 2021's celebrations were canceled. See what St Piran's Day will be like once we've overcome the pandemic.

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