World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day Quick Facts

2021 Date16 March 2021
World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day History

World Social Work Day seeks to raise awareness about the role of social workers. This day aims to highlight their contributions and the work they do. It calls attention to the need for more planning as well as more development and support for the profession. This day hopes to promote the social work profession and increase funding for it.

World Social Work Day was established in 2010 as part of the International Federation of Social Workers Global Agenda. It is observed annually on the third Tuesday of March.

World Social Work Day Facts & Quotes

  • The theme for World Social Work Day in 2021 was Ubuntu: I am Because We Are.
  • According to, for every $1 spent on social work there is about a $3 return on investment to the national economy.
  • The integrated themes of the Global Agenda give voice and action for a sustainable world. A world underpinned by equality, where everyone has the skills to contribute to their environments for benefit of all and the planet. This theme highlights that co-determining relationships between people, communities, nations are essential in addressing the social, economic and ecological challenges. Drawing on the core skills of bringing people together to balance needs in celebrated diversity, social work has a significant and essential contribution to make in every society. Our task and mission at the time is to advance this message in our communities, in our workplaces and with our governments and shape a sustainable future - International Federation of Social Workers Secretary-General Rory Truell, 2020

World Social Work Day Top Events and Things to Do

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