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National Martini Day

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National Martini Day History

National Martini Day is a cherished occasion that pays tribute to the timeless and sophisticated cocktail known as the Martini. Revered by aficionados and novices alike, this observance serves to elevate respect and appreciation for the iconic drink. National Martini Day emphasises the Martini's versatility, which ranges from the classic gin and vermouth blend to modern variations enticing new generations of drinkers with an array of distinctive flavour combinations.

While the Martini's precise origins remain a topic of debate, the cocktail's unmistakable influence spans across continents, including the United Kingdom. The elegant blend of flavours has played a significant role in British popular culture, particularly through the classic literature of authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming, both famed for their stories where the Martini makes noted appearances. Consequently, British literary fans have often been drawn to indulge in the classic cocktail, honouring the connection with their beloved characters.

As National Martini Day arrives in the United Kingdom, enthusiasts and curious drinkers are encouraged to celebrate in their unique ways. Customary activities typically involve indulging in one's preferred Martini concoction, whether it's the traditional gin Martini or a more contemporary blend featuring a variation of vermouth, bitters, or garnishes. Friends gather in homes or favourite bars to sample new recipes or hone their Martini-making techniques. National Martini Day is observed on June 19th every year.

National Martini Day facts

  • The ingredients and recipe for a martini in 1891 according to Cocktail Boothby’s American Bar-Tender were: ice, 4 drops of Angostura bitters, 1/2 jigger of Old Tom gin, 1/2 jigger of Italian vermouth, followed by a twist of lemon, stirred and strained.
  • The term three-martini lunch was popular in the United States during the early 1950s and 60s. It referred to the leisurely, indulgent lunch enjoyed by those working in business.
  • One theory says that the martini got its name because it was originally made with Martini & Rossi vermouth.
  • Author Ian Fleming introduced the now-famous "shaken, not stirred" line in his 1953 novel "Casino Royale," giving birth to the iconic Vesper Martini.
  • A popular modern variation of the classic Martini is the Espresso Martini, which was invented in the late 1980s by British bartender Dick Bradsell.

Top things to do in the UK for National Martini Day

  • Make martinis. First, chill your glass. Next add gin to a mixing glass along with vermouth. Toss in a large cube of ice as well. Stir it all together gently for at least 30 seconds. Finally, strain the drink in your chilled glass. You can garnish the drink with a few olives if you'd like.
  • Visit your local cocktail bar. They may be hosting a special event to celebrate the day.
  • Celebrate National Martini Day by visiting famous bars and pubs across the UK known for their martinis. Some popular venues include Duke's Bar in London, The Connaught Bar, The American Bar at The Savoy, and 69 Colebrooke Row.
  • Host a martini party or gather with friends to celebrate the day by trying out different martini recipes or discovering new variations of the classic drink.

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