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Day of Arafah Starts

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Day of Arafat History

The Day of Arafah is an important event in the Islamic calendar where pilgrims gather at the Mount Arafah near Makkah in Saudi Arabia. It falls on the ninth day of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah, which is the last month of the Islamic calendar. On this day, pilgrims stand on the plains of Arafah and perform prayers, seek forgiveness, and make supplications to Allah.

In the United Kingdom, the day of Arafah is marked by the Muslim community with special prayers, sermons, and gatherings at local mosques. It is a time for Muslims to reflect on their faith, renew their commitment to Allah, and seek forgiveness for their sins. The history of Day of Arafah dates back to the time of Prophet Muhammad, who delivered his famous farewell sermon while standing on the hill of Arafah. This sermon is considered to be one of the most important speeches in Islamic history, as it contains guidance on various aspects of life, including social, moral, and spiritual issues.

Today, the Day of Arafah is celebrated by Muslims around the world, not just those who are performing the Hajj pilgrimage. It is a reminder of the unity of the Muslim ummah (community) and the importance of seeking forgiveness and guidance from Allah. The Day of Arafah is observed on June 27th this year.

Day of Arafat Facts

  • It is common Muslim belief that the Prophet Muhammad said that fasting on the day of Arafah forgives all the minor sins of the past year and coming year.
  • The Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon standing on Mount Arafat. For that reason, it is visited by pilgrims during the Hajj.
  • British Muslims observing the Day of Arafah often fast, pray, and engage in acts of worship and charity.
  • The Day of Arafah in the United Kingdom has also inspired interfaith dialogue and understanding, as it provides an opportunity for Muslims to share their religious beliefs and values with non-Muslims

Top things to do in the UK for start of the Day of Arafat

  • Buy gifts for children. As for him who gives (gifts) and guards against evil and accepts the best, we will facilitate for him the easy end (Quran, 92:5). According to Islamic tradition, those that spend on their children on this day are rewarded by God very generously. As a result, many Muslim parents buy toys and other gifts for their children on the day of Arafah.
  • At sunset, pilgrims head to Muzdalifah to spend the night. There, it's customary to collect pebbles for the Stoning of the Devil (Rami al-Jamarat) ritual that happens later in the city of Mina.
  • Muslims in the United Kingdom may use the Day of Arafah as an opportunity to reach out to friends and family for prayers and support during this significant day in the Islamic calendar.
  • On this day, Muslims in the UK may perform additional prayers, especially the Du'a (supplication) prayer, to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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