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2023 Date2 December 2023
2024 Date2 December 2024

United Arab Emirates National Day

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day celebrates the formation of the country as a federation and the ensuing unity among its seven emirates. The tribute to the achievements of the nation is marked by cultural events, firework displays, and public gatherings, which further strengthen the bond among the citizens. The observance also highlights the rapid economic growth and advancement the country has experienced since its establishment in 1971.

This prominent day in the UAE's history is the result of the visionary leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father and first president of the UAE. As one of the fastest-growing global economies, the UAE has embraced policies that foster innovation and openness. As a result, numerous UK businesses have established strong ties with the country, benefitting from its thriving market and strategic location. Additionally, the UAE has become a popular destination among UK tourists seeking luxury vacations, rich cultural experiences and adventure activities.

In the United Kingdom, UAE National Day is observed by Emiratis residing in the country as well as the British nationals who appreciate and respect the longstanding relationship between the two nations. The celebrations in the UK often include hosting events featuring UAE's rich cultural heritage, traditional Emirati cuisine, and folk art performances. These events provide an excellent opportunity for the British public to learn more about the UAE and its history. United Arab Emirates National Day takes place each year on the 2nd of December, reflecting the same date as observed in the UAE itself.

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United Arab Emirates National Day Facts

  • The UAE is home to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 828 meters (2,716 feet) tall and has 163 floors.
  • The UAE has a population of about 9.9 million people, with expatriates comprising approximately 88% of the total population.

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United Arab Emirates National Day Top Things to Do

  • A great way to engage in UAE National Day is to watch Emirati films.
  • Look up local UAE communities in the UK online, they often have get-togethers, parades or special events to mark the National Day.
  • Enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine at several restaurants in London like Al Maskoof, Shawafel and others.
  • Make or oder Shawarma, an all-time favorite in the UAE. The dish involves marinated meat roasted on a spit and thinly sliced, then served with salad and tahini sauce in a flatbread wrap.
  • Watch Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nannies (2017). The documentary explores the lives of domestic workers in the UAE and the challenges they face in their line of work, shedding light on an often-overlooked community living within the country

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