National Pink Day

National Pink Day Quick Facts

2023 Date23 June 2023
2024 Date23 June 2024
National Pink Day

National Pink Day History

National Pink Day is a celebration of the colour pink and its various associations. While predominantly observed in the United States, the day has gained some recognition further afield. The primary goal of National Pink Day is to promote positivity and awareness around the unique connotations of the colour, as pink is often associated with compassion, nurturing, love, and understanding. Beyond these emotional connections, the colour pink is also linked to various charitable organisations and campaigns that focus on health issues, most notably breast cancer awareness projects.

While there is limited information available on the origins of National Pink Day, it is believed to have started in the United States as a day to acknowledge and appreciate the colour's importance to society and culture. In the United Kingdom, the day highlights the country's ongoing dedication to promoting and supporting breast cancer awareness campaigns. Pink Ribbon Foundation, for instance, is a prominent UK charity that raises funds for organisations working to improve the lives of people affected by breast cancer. Coinciding the celebration with National Pink Day is an opportunity for those in the UK to show solidarity, empower communities, and raise awareness of the cause locally and internationally.

Though the observance of National Pink Day in the United Kingdom may be less established than in the United States, those who do take part engage in various activities aimed at promoting positivity and awareness. These activities can include dressing in pink clothing, hosting pink-themed events, and supporting charitable causes associated with the colour, such as those relating to breast cancer awareness. National Pink Day is celebrated on the 23rd of June annually, providing an opportunity for individuals and organisations across the UK to come together and observe the day in their own unique and meaningful ways.

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