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2024 Date7 September 2024
2025 Date6 September 2025

World Beard Day

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World Beard Day History

World Beard Day is a global celebration dedicated to honouring and appreciating the facial hair of men. The observance aims to promote the positive attributes associated with beards, such as wisdom, strength, and masculinity. Participants worldwide engage in various festivities, ranging from light-hearted events, like beard-growing competitions and community gatherings, to more serious discussions concerning men's health issues and the societal expectations placed upon facial hair.

Though the origins of World Beard Day are uncertain, records of beard-related celebrations date back to ancient times. In the United Kingdom (UK), the observance has experienced a recent surge in popularity as facial hair trends have shifted towards embracing bearded culture. UK-based organisations, like The British Beard Club, actively promote the celebration and share beard-related advocacy initiatives throughout the year. Furthermore, events such as The Great British Beard-Off and the British Beard and Moustache Championships provide opportunities for participants to showcase their grooming skills while fostering camaraderie amongst beard enthusiasts.

In the UK, World Beard Day is observed on the first Saturday of September annually. To celebrate the occasion, local beard clubs and grooming establishments typically host events that bring together bearded individuals and their supporters. One can anticipate a diverse range of activities, from beard-themed parties and charity fundraisers to gentlemen’s grooming sessions and product launches. World Beard Day in the UK not only provides an entertaining and informative platform for facial hair enthusiasts, but also serves as an opportunity to promote vital discussions about men's grooming, mental health, and well-being.

World Beard Day facts

  • Hair growth is linked to family and heredity. This means that a person’s genes will determine their ability to grow facial hair. Genes determine hair growth, thickness, and even graying.
  • According to a Behavioral Ecology study, a man’s beard can influence other people’s perceptions of their social status. The study found that regardless of cultural background, women perceived men with beards as having a higher social status compared to their clean-shaven counterparts.
  • Beards can protect the skin from the sun. They can block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer.
  • During the Victorian era, Whiskerino contests were popular events in the United Kingdom, where participants would grow their beards and mustaches to compete for prizes.
  • In the 16th century, King Henry VIII imposed a beard tax on those who had beards, requiring them to pay a fee based on their social status. Ironically, the king himself was known for his beard.

Top things to do in the UK for World Beard Day

  • Maintain your beard. Trim it, style it, make sure your beard is well kept today.
  • Get a haircut. Spend a little extra and go for beard treatment. You'll feel refreshed and look brand new.
  • A popular way to celebrate World Beard Day in the UK is through a themed pub crawl, where participants dress up in beard-related costumes or adornments for a night out on the town.
  • The UK is home to many historical sites that celebrate facial hair, such as the National Portrait Gallery, known for its collection of famous British beards.

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