National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week Quick Facts

2023 Date1 June 2023
2024 Date1 June 2024
National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week History

National Volunteer Week aims to recognize the valuable contributions of the volunteers across various sectors, as well as to promote and encourage the act of volunteering. The observance emphasizes the impact and power of volunteerism in transforming communities and improving lives. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the need for more volunteers and to inspire more individuals to engage in volunteer activities to help address pressing societal issues.

In the United Kingdom, National Volunteer Week has its roots in the 1940s, during which volunteering played a critical role in supporting charity work throughout the Second World War. Over the years, the observance has evolved to become an important event for people in the UK to celebrate and appreciate the work of millions of volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and skills to various causes. Volunteering is considered an essential element of British society, as it fosters the spirit of social responsibility and civic engagement.

National Volunteer Week (Start) in the United Kingdom is observed through various events and activities organized by charities, community groups, and other organizations that rely on volunteer support. Such events may include award ceremonies celebrating volunteers' achievements, special training sessions for potential new volunteers, and awareness campaigns about the importance of volunteering in addressing local needs and challenges. In the UK, National Volunteer Week typically takes place around the first week of June, allowing individuals and organizations across the country to come together in celebrating the vital work of volunteers.

National Volunteer Week Facts

  • According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, in 2023, there are about 18,000 different charities and volunteer groups around the UK.
  • The theme for National Volunteer Week in 2022 was A time to say thanks.
  • The Parkrun is the largest charity organisation in the UK with over 6 million members.

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