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2021 Date8 May 2021
2022 Date7 May 2022
Flora Day

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Flora Day seeks to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of new life and fertility. This day continues the ancient traditions of Helston, Cornwall with a spring festival of dance and song. This day consists of several traditions. One is the colorful pageant known as Hal an Tow, which tells the history of Helston. Another are the dances held throughout the day, the earliest taking place at 7 am. Children dance, couples dance, the whole town dances while dressed in flowery and elegant attire.

Flora Day is believed to have been around since the medieval era. It is celebrated annually on 8 May. If this date falls on a Sunday or Monday, the previous Saturday is observed instead.

Flora Day is believed to have started in the Medieval era. It is celebrated annually on 8 May. If the date falls on Sunday or Monday, it is moved to the previous Saturday.

Flora Day Facts

  • Helston's symbolic flower is the lily of the valley. It is a woodland flowering plant that has bell-shaped white flowers.
  • Music performed on this day is provided by Helston's own town band. It's said that the members of the band play from memory as the notes for their music were never written down.
  • A common tradition held on this day is the colourful pageant known as Hal an Tow. It tells the history of Helston using different characters like St. George and St. Michael. It also tells about the challenges of the Spanish Armada.

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