Dawn Chorus Day

Dawn Chorus Day Quick Facts

2021 Date2 May 2021
2022 Date1 May 2022
Dawn Chorus Day

Dawn Chorus Day History

Dawn Chorus Day seeks to raise awareness about songbirds. Songbirds are a species of bird capable of producing sound. Some examples of birds include chiffchaffs, blackcaps, and robins. They belong to the Passeriformes order and their vocal organ is developed in a way that allows them to produce a diverse and melodious song. These birds can produce sounds using a combination of rhythm, pitch, and even notes. This day aims to celebrate the sounds of songbirds. It recognizes these birds and celebrates their unique sounds.

Dawn Chorus Day was started as a small event in Birmingham in the 1980s. It is observed annually on 2 May.

Dawn Chorus Day Facts

  • Songbirds must hear the vocal sounds of their parents and other adult birds to learn how to imitate them. Similar to children, they must learn using their own voices and adapt the sounds.
  • According to treehugger.com, songbirds of the same species can have different dialects depending on their geographical region.
  • The songbirds heard most often are males. They use their songs to attract mates and maintain control over their territory.

Dawn Chorus Day Top Events and Things to Do

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