Norway National Day

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2023 Date17 May 2023
2024 Date17 May 2024
Norway National Day

Norway National Day History

Norway National Day seeks to commemorate the passing of the constitution of Norway in 1814. After the loss in the Napoleonic wars, Norway was made an independent nation to avoid being handed over to Sweden. The constitution was signed 17 May, 1814 by the Norwegian assembly at Eidsvoll. This day aims to celebrate Norway and its declaration of independence. Celebrations typically include parties and feasts. Marches, parades, and costumes are popular on this day.

Norway National Day has been celebrated since 1933. It is celebrated annually on 17 May.

Norway National Day Facts

  • In 1829, Norwegians continued to celebrate the Constitution of Norway despite the King of Sweden forbidding it. This lead to a skirmish between the public and the king's troops. It would later be known as the Battle of the Square. After this incident, King Charles XIV would lift the prohibition which had forbid celebrating the constitution.
  • Norway's national anthem is Ja, vi elsker dette landet, which means Yes, we love this country. It was written in the 1860s by writer and poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.
  • One of the longest parades in the world is held in Oslo where about 100,000 people participate. The parade includes about 100 different schools from around the country.

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Norway National Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Dress up in Norway's traditional costumes. Called bunad, these costumes range from hundreds of different colours and styles. Different colours and styles represent different parts of Norwegian ancestry.
  • Enjoy traditional foods and snacks. It's common to eat a large breakfast the day of 17 May which can include baked bread, eggs, and smoked salmon. Later in the day many enjoy ice cream and hot dogs.
  • Watch a highlight of Norway's National Day parade. Due to Covid-19, Norway's National Day was celebrated differently this year. See what Norway's National Day will be like after we've overcome the pandemic.

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