Wear A Hat Day

Wear A Hat Day Quick Facts

2021 Date26 March 2021
Wear A Hat Day

Wear A Hat Day History

Wear A Hat Day seeks to raise awareness about brain tumours. Brain tumours are masses or growths of abnormal cells in the brain. They can occur from cell mutations in the brain or be spread by other forms of cancer. Cures and treatments are available, but they can be very costly. Some may even come with risk. This day supports those diagnosed with brain tumours by fundraising and raising awareness. It encourages purchasing kusan bobble hats as a sign of solidarity and as a means of donating.

Wear A Hat Day seems to have started in 2014 as an initiative to fundraise for brain tumour research. It is observed annually in late March.

Wear A Hat Day Facts

  • According to braintumourresearch.org, every year about 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK.
  • Only about 12% of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis according to braintumourresearch.org.
  • Brain tumours take the lives of children and adults under the age of 40 more than any other cancer.

Wear A Hat Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Sign up and register for the next Wear a Hat Day.
  • Donate and help support brain tumour research.
  • Watch a movie that highlights the challenges that may arise from brain tumours. Here are our suggestions:
    The Midwife (2017)
    You Disappear (2017)
    Phenomenon (1996)

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