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2022 Date3 October 2022
2023 Date3 October 2023
Mean Girls Day

Mean Girls Day History

Mean Girls Day pays tribute to the 2004 hit teen-comedy. Widely successful, Mean Girls explores the cruel and complex social workings of high school. Its portrayal of cliques and the pursuit of popularity may explain its cult-like following. Mean Girls is partly inspired by Queen Bees and Wannabees, a book written by teacher and author Rosalind Wiseman.

Both the film and the book offer viewers and readers a better understanding of social structure within high school. They also dive into the psyche of the teenage mind. Mean Girls Day is observed annually on October 3rd due to a scene in the film where the protagonist responds that the current date is, ‘’October 3rd.’’

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Mean Girls Day Facts

  • The original cut of the film earned an R-rating due to raunchy jokes within the script.
  • A sequel, Mean Girls 2, was made in 2011 but the film is a stand-alone and only a sequel in name.

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  • If you haven't watched it already, grab some popcorn and watch it this Mean Girls Day.

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