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2024 Date20 October 2024
2025 Date20 October 2025

International Sloth Day

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International Sloth Day History

International Sloth Day seeks to raise awareness about the life and conservation of sloths, a unique group of arboreal mammals found primarily in Central and South America. These slow-moving creatures are known for their distinct adaptations and lifestyles. The observance highlights the importance of protecting their natural habitats and encourages human coexistence with these animals. International Sloth Day also aims to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding these creatures, promoting education and responsible eco-tourism.

The day was first established in 2010 by the AIUNAU Foundation, a Colombian non-profit organization that focuses on the protection and welfare of wildlife. While the United Kingdom may be thousands of miles from the tropical rainforests that these animals call home, UK residents can still play a significant role in sloth conservation. This is particularly important due to the increasing rate of deforestation and habitat loss caused by human activity, which has placed some species of sloths on the endangered list.

People in the United Kingdom can observe International Sloth Day in several ways. They can participate in online educational events, watch documentaries to expand their understanding of these captivating mammals, or donate to conservation organizations such as the Sloth Conservation Foundation. These activities can help raise awareness of the importance of sloths and their conservation, ensuring that these creatures continue to thrive in their natural habitats. International Sloth Day takes place on October 20, providing an opportunity for UK residents to learn more about and support these enigmatic animals.

International Sloth Day Facts

  • Sloths have 50% less muscle mass than other mammals of similar size.
  • Sloths have a specialized digestive system with a multi-chambered stomach that breaks down hard-to-digest substances like cellulose. The process is slow, and it can take up to a month for a sloth to digest a meal.

International Sloth Day Top Events and Things to Do

  • Organize a fundraising event to help organizations working towards the preservation of sloths.
  • Many animal preservation organizations allow people to symbolically adopt a sloth and in return, you will receive an adoption certification, regular updates, pictures and other benefits.
  • Use this day to educate others about sloths and the threats they face. This could be in the form of social media posts, writing an article or holding a small local event.
  • Invite friends and family over for a sloth-themed celebration, with sloth decorations, games, and snacks.
  • Check if the London Zoo has any special events or exhibits on sloths around International Sloth Day. At the very least, you can visit their two-toed sloths in the Rainforest Life exhibit.

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