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National Pie Day

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National Pie Day seeks to celebrate all things pie, a tribute to a staple dish that has conquered the world in myriad flavours and forms, from savoury to sweet. It invites everyone to indulge in their favourite type of pie, and perhaps even experiment with new flavours or recipes. It's a day that highlights the diversity and culinary richness that pies represent in different cultures. Being a versatile dish, pies speak of comfort food, family traditions, and creative cookery to people world over.

In the United Kingdom, National Pie Day holds specific relevance due to the unmistakable affinity the British have for pies. Pies have a long history in British culinary tradition, dating back to the 12th century. Notable variants such as Cornish pasty, steak and kidney pie, and the pork pies of Melton Mowbray are quintessential elements of British cuisine. Each region in the UK, in fact, has its own special pie, serving as delicious snapshots of its gastronomical heritage. Hence, for the British, this day is about celebrating this cherished food item with a gust of patriotic pride.

While it is not an official observance, on National Pie Day, pies become the hero of kitchen endeavours and food-centric events across the UK. Individuals, families, and even restaurants, pubs or bakeries join in to serve and relish a wide array of pies. Some amateur and professional chefs also participate in pie-making competitions, making it an event of robust community participation. Pie-themed charity fundraisers are also a popular way to observe the day while contributing to society. National Pie Day, in the U.S., is observed on the 23rd of January, however, there isn't a specific date dedicated to it in the UK calendar.

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Facts about National Pie Day

  • The first pies were made by early Romans who would use reeds or meats and fish's as a pie shell filling.

  • In the United Kingdom, mince pies have been a festive favorite since the 13th century. These small pies are filled with mincemeat, a mixture of chopped dried fruits, spices, and suet, usually with a spirit such as brandy added.
  • The Melton Mowbray pork pie is a famous variety of pie originating from the town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. This pie has a particular way of being prepared, with uncured, chopped pork loin, and a hot water crust pastry. It has been granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in the European Union.

Top things to do in the UK for National Pie Day

  • Visit your local bakery and check out what kind of pies they're offering. There might be special deals for National Pie Day.
  • Make a Pie, here are the most popular in the UK in descending order: cottage pie, apple pie, fish pie, pumpkin pie

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