Carers Rights Day

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2022 Date25 November 2022
Carers Rights Day

Carers Rights Day History

Carers Rights Day seeks to raise awareness about the rights that carers have. Carers are those who are responsible for the wellbeing of another person who needs help either because of their illness or disability. This day aims to educate and inform those taking care of another about the rights they have. It hopes to provide them access to support groups and organisations should they need them. Carers Rights Day seems to have been founded in 2004 alongside the Carers Act. It is observed annually in the last week of November.

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Carers Rights Day Facts

  • The Carers Rights Day theme in 2021 was Make Caring Visible and Valued.
  • Unpaid carers saved the UK about £135 billion over the course of the pandemic according to
  • According to, a survey of 6,000 carers found that their responsibilities had increased in 2020. 78% of them reported that the needs of the people they care for increased.

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